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At Mediation a Solicitor’s role is similar to the watching brief where they sit back to observe while the client speaks for himself or herself. They are not usually asked for input into the Mediation unless the Mediator believes it would be beneficial to the process.

Solicitors have nevertheless a crucial role to play in preparing their client for Mediation (whether or not they then accompany their client to the scheduled Mediation). They can outline what can be expected from the process, and help their client conduct a risk analysis. A critical role that Solicitors can and do play is to make sure that any settlement agreement will be unambiguous and legally binding.

Please telephone us on 087 2055 475 for a friendly chat about our mediation services for Solicitors and their clients. Mediator, Siobhan Byrne is a legal mediator with 25 years legal industry experience.

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Whether attending the scheduled mediation or not, helping your client prepare for negotiations is crucial. To assist you we have produced a  ‘Solicitors Guide to Mediation’  which includes a template risk assessment for your pre-mediation client consultation.  For a free copy of the high-quality guide simply sign up to our mailing list by scrolling down to the bottom of any page and enter your details.


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