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There are wide varieties of settings where basic mediation can be effective. They range from home with family and friends, to the community, the workplace, the marketplace and large organisations.  Image of roundtable negotiations at a mediation, separation mediation, legal separation, divorce mediation, workplace mediation, employee dispute, elder mediation,

Many people have heard about Legal Separation mediation and or mediation for Workplace Disputes but there are many more situations where mediation can assist. As mediation is not bound by rules of formal proceedings participants can bring up whatever concerns them most.

The issues that are the public subject of dispute do not restrict parties, nor does the small range of court solutions. While our formal justice system will always be necessary, to balance power and rights, mediation offers an alternative service that is unique and creative.

Harmony Conflict Resolution can help you with the following disputes:

Commercial and Civil Mediation

This covers Personal Injuries mediation, Medical Negligence mediation, Breach of Contract disputes, Professional Negligence disputes, Insurance, Construction, Goods and Services, Small Business and Lender/borrower disputes.

Example: Mrs Smith refuses to pay Mr Jones, a local builder until he finishes a wall. The work was not part of the original agreement, but Mrs Smith claims Mr Jones agreed to do the wall as a side job. Mr Jones agreed to finish the wall and Mrs Smith gave him a recycled garden shed, paving slabs and a child’s bicycle.

Workplace Mediation

This includes Interpersonal disputes, allegations of Bullying and Harassment, Intercultural issues, Organisational Change conflict, Performance Issues, Unfair Dismissal etc

Example: A private hospital has trouble with staff interpersonal disputes and a high number of patient complaints. Following a mediation, everyone understood the real issues and the need for a root cause analysis of how work was managed within the department. After the mediation, the management and staff agreed to work out a streamlined process for dealing with the flow of patient appointments. The process levelled out the workload so that no one was overburdened and the distribution of work was even and much fairer. Staff enjoyed work again and customer compliments increased.

(Siobhan Byrne, the mediator is also a Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt who can offer practical guidance and advice in the workplace to help staff and management conduct root cause analysis, problem-solving, workload levelling and process flow following mediation. Lean Systems take their lead from the Toyota Way and combine continuous improvement with respect for people. Six Sigma began at Motorola and seeks to reduce variation in tasks while increasing statistical precision. See www.leanlaw.ie.)

Family Mediation

Family and Succession disputes, Custody/access issues, Guardianship issues, Separating couples/parenting issues, Maintenance disputes, Adult child-parent disputes, Inter-sibling issues. Siobhan Byrne your Mediator at Harmony Conflict Resolution is a certified family mediator.

Example: Her adult children fighting over the family farm and other property tore a widow apart and she wanted to avoid inevitable conflict when she passed away. A multi-party mediation took place with all family members. An asset distribution plan was informally agreed and the mediation adjourned for legal and tax advice on the plan. The family agreed to pitch in and help one sibling start a food business while two other siblings realised they shared the desire to set up the same environmental business.

Separating Couples – While the Family Mediation Service in Ireland offers a free mediation service, waiting lists can be long, they are often restricted to part-time hours, shorter sessions and usually work to a set schedule of sessions.  Private mediation services offer much more flexibility and a great amount can be achieved in a full day or half-day mediation. Appointments can be arranged at much shorter notice and at Harmony Conflict Resolution, we can even accommodate evening and Saturday appointments. This means that you can both save your annual leave or a day’s income by choosing our service.

Elder Mediation

This covers Age-related issues including the Provision of Care, Living Arrangements, Retirement decisions, Medical decisions, Relationship issues, Nursing Home decisions, Rehabilitation plans and End of Life Decisions.

Community Mediation

Community mediation includes Neighbour disputes, Environmental, Local amenity and Planning disputes, Parent-teacher and Student-student conflicts, Intercultural disputes, Restorative Justice including victim-offender mediation.

Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

This includes International, Inter-community and Intercultural conflicts.

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