Negotiation Skills Coaching

Negotiation Coaching is one-to-one conflict communication training. It is a process in which a coach and client communicate one-to-one for the purpose of developing conflict-related understanding, interaction strategies and interaction skills. It is also known as conflict coaching or dispute coaching.

What it involves

You will need to interact with the coach and this may include meetings, telephone discussions, completion of questionnaires and narrative. Image of man and woman talking professionally - negotiation, negotiation skills, negotiation skills coaching, negotiation, negotiation coaching, negotiation techniques, negotiation tactics, negotiation training, conflict coaching, dispute coaching Negotiation Coaching is about helping you reflect on conflict and possible courses of change; it is not legal advice or counselling or about forcing reflection or change.

You retain full control over which perspectives to consider as well as which strategies and skills to use.

What will I get out of conflict coaching?

It is a way of increasing awareness of options for addressing the conflict, including the availability of traditional ADR processes. The ability to handle conflict is a top skill of successful leaders. Conflict Communication is central to supervising others, coordinating with peers, and managing relationships with clients.  Conflict competency is an increasingly sought after skill due to the high costs associated with ineffectively managing conflict.

Negotiation Coaching Process

The process is flexible but typically includes the following:

  1. Preparation
  2. Discovering the Story
  3. Exploring the story from three perspectives of identity, emotion and power
  4. Crafting the best story
  5. Enacting the best story
  6. Communication and Conflict Styles

Conflict Coaching will attempt to get the most benefit in the least amount of time and effort. Four to six sessions are recommended. Each session will take at least 90 minutes however you will also be asked to do 1-2 hours homework following each session. Sessions cost €135 per 90-minute session.

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