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Practical and Collaborative

Image of three people in friendly negotiations, mediation, mediation galway, mediation services galway, adr, alternative dispute resolution, conflict resolution, mediators institute of ireland, the mii, private mediatorMediation is a positive, practical and collaborative way to ease tense situations and resolve a broad range of conflicts within a variety of settings. It is a process where a neutral and independent person helps the parties negotiate a settlement. Mediators facilitate a process, they do not determine the truth or who is at fault. For more information about the mediation process, click here.


Reaching a detailed agreement is not the only measure of success in mediation. In addition to problem-solving, mediation helps future relations, helps people gain confidence to negotiate and it helps narrow the issues in dispute. It can create a turning point in conflicts that may have festered for years and it can give people a completely different perspective on the dispute.


The fundamental principles of mediation are that it is a voluntary process, that confidentiality applies to the process, that the mediator is and remains impartial and neutral, that the parties have the right of self-determination and decide on their own solutions rather than having a solution imposed on them. These same principles apply to negotiation coaching. For more information about negotiation coaching, click here.

The Mediator

Your Mediator Siobhan Byrne has over twenty-five years legal industry experience which enriches her practice as a mediator and negotiation coach. She worked as a Solicitor in London, Westmeath and Galway and has been a mediator for eight years. She is an Accredited Mediator by the Mediators Institute of Ireland (the MII) and is a certified family mediator.

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